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Pinterest updated its Android app a couple of months ago and added the push notifications feature. It sends notifications for many events. To manage notifications for Pinterest Android app, do as follows:

1. Open Pinterest on your Android device

2. Tap the profile icon on the top right

3. Tap the Gear icon to open the settings

4. Under General Settings, open "Push Notifications"

5. Now mark the events you would like to be notified when happened
* By default all the events are marked.

To compelety disable push notifications for Pinterest, read this Android tip: How to disable Push Notifications on Android

Pinterest updated its Android app a couple of months ago and added the push notifications feature. It sends notifications for many events. To manage ...


I've turned off all notifications except for when I am mentioned or repinned, but I'm still getting all notifications when friends follow other people, create boards or pin something.

How can I stop this?

Galaxy s5


It's not a gear icon for me. I have 3 vertical dots on my droid. When I click on that, I get to my Settings. I do not have anything labeled "General Settings." I have Android app version 2.6.1.

Am I not receiving the push notifications because I have a "business" account? Even Pinterest can't (or won't) answer this question for me! They told me I must have a "business" account since I use my account to market my Etsy shop. I miss my push notifications. Sigh. 

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I am not sure whether the problem is because of the Business account or not. But on the updated version of Pinterest (version 3.1.2) you need to do as follows to manage the notifications:

After tapping the 3dot icon, go to "Account Settings", scroll down, and under the "General", tap the "Push Notification" option.

There you can manage which notifications you'd like to be pushed.

If the problem still persists, make sure you have not accidentally disabled notifications for Pinterest. If you don't know how to check it, read:


@androidwidgetcenter @TanaTaylor Thanks for your reply! I'm working on this now. I had Pinterest 2.6.1, which is the latest version for my phone on Google Play. The Amazon app store had 2.6.2 (go figure!), and I've installed it.

I had all of the Pinterest notifications checked that I wanted checked, but I went ahead and checked ALL of them, just to see if that does anything.

I read the link you provided about disabling notifications, but I don't have anything like that on my phone (it's a Motorola Atrix 4G, if that helps, and seems to be running Android 2.3.6 ... yes, it's old ... AT&T refuses to update it farther than that!).

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@TanaTaylor @androidwidgetcenter


I checked the Settings on an Android device running version 2.3.6 and it seems this feature is not available to customize on a device running this version.

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the Pinterest app?

and to make sure the issue is not related to having a Business account, I suggest you use another device and login with your account to see if the notifications work or not.


@androidwidgetcenter @TanaTaylor By "this feature," do you mean the push notifications? The thing is that I *was* getting push notifications around November or December 2013. I don't remember exactly when I changed to a business account (was told I had to do that since I'm using Pinterest for marketing my Etsy shop).

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Pinterest several times with the hope of fixing this problem. 

I don't have any other devices (just laptop & droid phone). If/when I find someone who has Pinterest on their phone, and if they'll let me log in on my account, I'll try that.

I appreciate your assistance ... it's more than Pinterest has provided! 

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@TanaTaylor @androidwidgetcenter

You're welcome.

By "This feature", I meant the option to disable notifications for a specific application.

By the way, since you don't have access to any other device, you can  create another Pinterest account (Not business account of course) and see whether you receive notifications on this very new account or not.



Well, I have notifications now ... but only because the phone I was using when I posted earlier died and I bought a Samsung S5!

So it seems pretty likely that Pinterest was no longer supporting the very old version of Android I had on my previous phone. It's just sad that Pinterest's customer service reps weren't aware of that! 

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