Check Out the top 10 Galaxy S4 Tips and Tricks in AW Center. You may find many Samsung Galaxy S4 tips in the Android Tips section. But here we have gathered the most popular and most asked Tips and Tricks.

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1. How to Enable/Disable Auto Update Android apps on Galaxy S4

If you are tired of manually updating your application on your Android smartphone or tablet, you just need to do the following instructions

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Tap Menu and go the Setting
  • Check the “Auto-update apps “
  • If you are worried about the data cost, check the “Update Over Wi-Fi only” too
  • Find the apps you would like to be updated automatically
  • Tap and check the “Allow automatic updating” (On the updated version of Google Play, you need to press Menu Button)
  • You can also Unmark the mentioned option to disable Auto update.

2. How to see Battery Percentage on Galaxy S4

To check the remaining battery power on the notification bar:

  • Go to Setting
  • Go to My Device tab
  • Tap Display
  • Under the “More Setting”, find “Display Battery percentage” and mark it

3. How to Change Unlock Effect on Galaxy S4 Lock Screen (By Using Air View Feature)

Your phone supports Air view and you can enjoy a Ripple effect or Light effect on the Lock Screen as an Unlock effect. To enable or disable this effect:
  • Go to Setting
  • Go to My Device tab
  • Tap Lock Screen
  • Tap “Unlock effect”
  • Choose from the 3 options; None, Ripple effect, Light effect

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4. How to Customize Notification Bar on Galaxy S4

You may be surprised when opening the notification bar for the first time. Every toggle button you may imagine is available. To Add, Remove, Change the toggle buttons on Notification panel:
  • Go to Setting
  • Go to My Device tab
  • Tap Display
  • Go to Notification panel
  • Tap, Hold and drag buttons to add or reorder the quick setting button to customize which quick setting buttons appear at the top of the notification panel

5. How to change Device Name on Galaxy S4

 If you change the device name, the Bluetooth name, WiFi direct name and the name on the entire apps and settings is changed automatically, and you don't need to change them separately.

  • Open "Settings" app and move to "More" tab
  • Tap "About Device"
  • Find "Device name" and select it
  • Write the new name and hit OK
  • Done

6. How to set Notification LED on Galaxy S4

Notification LED shows missed calls, unread text messages, new email, charging, low battery and more while the screen is off on Galaxy S4. In order to set and configure the setting,

  • Go to Setting
  • Go to My Device tab
  • Tap LED Indicator
  • On the opened menu you can choose when the LED light is Up while the screen is off
  • the options are: Charging, Low Battery, Notifications, Voi ce recording

7. How to Mute Call Sound on Galaxy S4

The sound call goes silent if you turn over your phone. To use this feature properly, do as follows:
  • Go to “Setting” app
  • Go to “My Device” tab
  • Scroll down to find “Motions and Gestures” and tap it
  • Make sure “Motion” is On and tap it
  • Enable “Mute/Pause”
  • You just need to turn over your phone to mute incoming calls

How to Send Group Message on Galaxy S4

send text messages to the entire group members at the same time with your Galaxy S4

  • Open "Contacts" App and hit on "Groups" tab
  • Tap on the group you want to send group message
  • Hit the "Menu button" (left to the Home button)
  • Choose "Send message"
  • List of group members appears, and you get to choose one, some or all the contact
  •  Hit "Done" at the top right
  •  Now, the "Messaging" app is opened and you can send group message to the selected contacts

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9. How to Change Lock Screen Message on Galaxy S4

To Modify the Personal Message appeared on the Lock Screen of the Galaxy S4, do the following steps:

  • Go to Setting
  • Go to My Device tab
  • Tap on Lock Screen
  • Find “Lock Screen widgets” under the Swipe options
  • Tap on “Clock or Personal message” and make sure “Personal message” is marked
  • Go Back, and tap on “Edit personal message” and start writing or modifying your personal message
  • To Show or Hide Date and Time, Mark or Unmark them
  • Change the Font, Size and Color as well
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10. How to set Favorite Locations on Galaxy S4

 On Galaxy S4 you can save your favorite locations for using in services that require location information. first provide access to your location (Home, Office, Car,...) and then do as follows:

** To provide access to your location, you just need to turn on GPS from notification panel (See: How to Enable GPS on Galaxy S4)

  • On the "Location Services" menu, tap "My places" (quick tip: Settings >> More >> Location Services)
  • By default you see Home, Office, Car. You can also tap the plus icon on the top right to create a new place
  • Tap "Home" to customize
  • You have 3 methods to let the device recognize your location: Map, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Save the process. From now on, your phone can provide relevant information and services by recognizing saved locations

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