Whether you like it or not, taking Selfie has been one of the most trended subjects in the past year, and if you happen to have an Android phone with a front facing camera you can take perfect selfies (self-portrait photograph) via the following Android applications and share it to your favorite social networks including instagram and Facebook.

Note that, although these Selfie Android applications are mainly developed for taking Selfie photos, but you may still prefer the default camera application on your phone which even lets you have a countdown delay, or use 3rd party camera applications like Camera360 which have the Selfie Mode and let you apply different effects to rock a selfie.

By the way, here are the 3 top Selfie Android Applications available on Google Play Store:


1. Selfie App (Smart Selfie)


This application deserves to be named the simplest yet the best Android Selfie app on the market as it does what it should do perfectly. When launching the application, the front facing camera opens automatically (There is no option to use the rear camera) and it is just a matter of simple tapping on the shutter button to take your selfie.

After taking the picture, you can edit the selfie with some simple effects like snow, grey and sepia, and then you can easily share it with your friends on different social networks, as well as saving or setting it as the wallpaper.


2. Selfie Challenge


Selfie Challenge is more of a Selfie social network than being merely for taking selfies and you need to login with either your Facebook or Twitter account to use the application.

Now the challenge begins and you are asked to take selfies in different conditions, like “Standing on your head” or “In an elevator”, and then you can share your picture and see your friends’ selfies for that specific situation.

Selfie Challenge focuses more on the fun side of the matter, rather than just shooting endless selfies.


3. Selfie Studio: Flash Camera


This application is for those who would like to have more options when taking selfie shots, including Silent Shoot, Timer, Auto Reverse, and Volume Key Shutter. Selfie Studio also provides so many tools to edit your photos before share them on different social networks.

Like the Selfie App, it only supports the front facing camera and other than mentioned options and effects, you also get to control the lighting conditions to minimize the effect of the environment’s lights.


In Overall, if you are looking for a simple and sweet option go for Selfie App, for more options, effects and features go for Selfie Studio, and for having more fun while posing the camera in funny conditions go for Selfie Challenge.

So, what is your favorite way to take perfect selfies?