How to Download Torrents on Android? Like any other category, there are so many Android Torrent Apps which function as a BitTorrent client on your Android phones and tablets, to let you easily open *.torrent files and download the files and folders in it.
In this AW Article we review 3 Best Android Torrent Apps and then show you how to download torrents on Android via one of these free applications.

>>> Note that downloading some certain contents via torrent are considered as illegal <<<

So, let's review the best Android Torrent applications, which can be downloaded from Google Play for free:

1. aTorrent - Torrent Downloader


This is simply one of the best BitTorrent client for Android which offers a simple (not beautiful at all) user interface and does what it is meant to do, the best. You can either add saved torrents on your device, or use the Torrent search dialog, which uses Google search, to find the Torrent file.
Here are some of the features of aTorrent: Partial download, Parallel downloading, The option to download only when connected to Wi-Fi network, The option to download only when power supply is connected, Specifying the Maximum download and upload rate as well as the connection limit, and the option to run aTorrent on system startup.

Download From Google Play

2. µTorrent® - Torrent App


µTorrent is the most popular BitTorrent client for computers, and it's official Android app is still the first choice for many amateur and professional torrent users. The user interface is both simple and beautiful, and you can easily find the torrents files for the contents you are looking for and start downloading right away.
Wifi-only mode, No speed or size limitations, Playing media contents, and some exclusive torrents are some of the features of µTorrent.

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If you are too fond of downloading via Torrent, we recommend you to use µTorrent® Remote which lets you manage and modify the on going torrent files on your home computer, remotely. Of course you are going to need to use µTorrent software on your computer to be able to Add or Remove torrent files as well as Start or Stop downloading on your computer from anywhere.

3. Flud - Torrent Downloader


The last application on our Best Android Torrent Apps list, is somehow less popular then the other in the list, but it still provides a solid and decent performance for downloading and managing torrent files on your Android phone or tablet. No Ads is the most distinguished feature of this BitTorrent client, which is barely seen on other Android applications these days.
Bandwidth limiter, Wi-Fi mode only, great user interface, download sequentially support, specify file/folder priorities are some of the main features of Flud and as promised by the developers the Torrent search support is coming soon.

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Now, let's see How to Download Torrents on Android Devices:

1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed a BitTorrent Client on your Android device (For this guide we used aTorrent).
2. Make sure you know the location of saved *.torrent file on your Android device (We don't provide details for finding the Torrent file)
3. Open aTorrent
4. Tap the Add icon (+) from the top menu bar
5. Use the file manage to specify the location of the torrent file and then tap the file to open it
6. Under the Deatails tab, Tap Change button to change the destination folder (Where the files/folders are downloaded)
7. Under the Files tab, mark/unmark the files you want/don't want to download
8. Go back to Details and tap the Start button on the top right
9. Now the download starts
10. Tap the downloading file to see more deatails about the current Torrent file, such as Percentage of completed, time left, amount of downloaded and uploaded, ratio, total size, number of peers and seeds, details about peers, and trackers.

To resume downloading a Torrent file from your computer, on your Android device, the best way (but not easiest) way is to transfer the already downloaded files as well as the main torrent file to your Android device, and then resume the process. By the way, it seems somehow odd!

Enjoy downloading torrents on your Android device, but don't forget to respect the CopyRight law