There are 4 general ways to backup SMS on Android and restore them:

  • Using desktop software provided by mobile manufacturers, or remote desktop apps
  • Using Gmail account and send a backup of your text messages
  • Using Android Backup applications which can backup the entire data on your device
  • Using Android apps specifically designed to backup and restore SMS & MMS

This AW Center article discusses the 4th method and reviews 3 best Applications to backup SMS on Android. But before getting to the list, let's review briefly the other 3 methods:

If you want to directly create a backup of your text messages on your PC, you need to use the first method. If you own a Samsung Galaxy device use Samsung Kies to create backup from text messages. Otherwise you can use AirDroid to create backup remotely and wireless.
If you want to have Gmail keep a backup of your text messages, then you need to download and install SMS Backup + and follow the instructions on the app.
The third method is used to create a backup from the whole device (including your SMS and MMS) and the application we recommend for this purpose is G Cloud Backup.

Now let's review the features of 3 best applications to backup SMS on Android devices:

1. SMS Backup & Restore
This is simply the best application to create backup fro m SMS on your Android device. So, why bothering getting other apps?
The main features of this application are: the option to select the conversation to backup (and restore later), Automatically backup at pre-defined time, XML foramt export, Upload the backup files to Dropbox and Google Drive or send it to Email.

Download SMS Backup & Restore

2. SMS Backup & Restore
This is another great application for Backup & Restore text message, with the same name as the previous application. The advantage of this application over the other one, is that it is AD free. Other than its real simple and user friendly interface, it offers the following main features: HTML format export, Schedule backup, and the option to identify and merge people with more than one phone number.

Download From Google Play

3. The last but not the least on our list, is again SMS Backup & Restore with different developer (Seriously Google? No restriction for choosing the same name for different apps?). The supported export formats are: TXT, CSV, and HTML (But it just accepts TXT or CSV files when trying to restore). You have also the option to export the backup file to SD Card, Gmail, Dropbox or send by Email.

Download SMS Backup & Restore from Google Play

So, what is your favorite method to backup SMS on Android?