3 Security and Privacy Application for your Android device

  • High Quality Super Spy Camera
  • Easy Backup
  • Anti-Theft Talk

High Quality Super Spy Camera

Let's take some spy photos, Sometimes we want take a photo but for some reasons we do not have allowed for this. or we do not want other people understand it and something else... 
in these cases, we can use  High Quality Super Spy Camera app. It's hard to recognize your application by other people , when you take photos using this spy camera.


- Transparent buttons.
- Black Screen Mode : When you touch the text button of black, you can take photos.
- Face Detection auto shot.
- Max Camera Resolution and Small size application.
- Smart Orientation : Take Photos or Videos from any phone position, it will always rotate correctly.
- Choose Storage : Save to choose Internal Storage or External Storage.
- Background Capture | Background Recording. (not Perfect)
- Hide or show your Silent Camera folder on Gallery.
- Pinch to zoom.

This application was helped by open source project.
Download and Install form Google Play

Easy Backup

Sometimes this is necessary to have backup from our data, on the PC/Laptop or even on the Android device, So let try Easy Backup app, the easiest application for Easily backup and restore apps, sms, mms, call log, calendar, bookmarks, dictionary and contact found on your Android phone. Create backups to SD Card, Gmail, Dropbox or Google Drive account. Create backup manually or schedule automatic backups.


. Backup and restore:
. Call log
. Calendar
. Bookmarks
. Dictionary
. Contact
. Apps
. Schedule automatic backups or manually create backups
. View backup contents
. Email a backup contents
. Backup apps to SD card
. Backup apps to Dropbox
. Backup apps to Google Drive
. Backup & restore app’s data (need root)
. Batch restore apps from SD card, Dropbox or Google drive (need root)

. Backup and Restore to/from
. SD Card
. Gmail
. Dropbox
. Google Drive
Your Sms, Mms, Call log, Calendar, Bookmarks, Dictionary and Contact data are stored in CSV, eml and VCF file format:
Sms, Call log, Calendar, Bookmarks, Dictionary –> CSV file format
Mms –> eml file format
Contact –> VCF file format

Backup consists of those files that are inside a zip archive and you can easily read those files in your phone or computer!
If your phone has inbuilt storage, the default backup location will probably be the internal storage card and not the external. This is because the phone reports the storage that way.

- Italian
- Turkish
- German
- French
- Persian
- Russian
- Danish
- Chinese
- Spanish
- Portuguese
Download and Install form Google Play

Anti-Theft Talk

No please put your phone on the desk,  and be relax, if anybody try to touch it, the Anti-Theft Talk app will call you for help.

All you have to do is to touch the screen to activate.
To stop the alarm and the vibrator, you should touch the screen to deactivate.
The alarm sound will be set to the max automatically, only when this app is active,but if you wish to change the settings press the menu button to change the settings.
Most phones are built in with motion sensors but if there is some phones that lacks modern built-in functions , the alarm might not function properly.

Download and Install from Google Play