Android users are always looking for a way to change the look of their device by changing launchers, wall papers, home screen widgets, font and apps icons.

We have already talked so much about Android launchers and we also showed you 4 simple ways to change fonts on Android. This AW Center article shows you some ways to change the icons of installed applications on both Rooted and devices without rooting.

Let’s get started:



Use Launchers (No Root is Required)

Using an Android launcher is the easiest way to change the icons of your apps. What you need is a launcher which supports adding icon packs and then installing one of the many different icon packs available in Google Play Store. Apex, Nova and Go are the 3 best Android launchers which provide the option to change icons.


Use Icon Change Application (No Root is Required)

This way actually changes the app icon and name, if you move it to your home screen as a shortcut, and doesn’t change the icon in the app drawer. But it is still very useful to bring a new look to your home screen. After installing and running the application, (Download Icon Changer from Google Play), choose the application to change icon and name, add a picture from Gallery or available icon packs, rename the application and save the process.

Update: Awesome icons is yet another great app to change the apps' icons on the home screen. The app is compatible with every launchers and doesn't ask for the root permission. 

Use APK Edit Software (No Root is Required)

This way is harder than the other 2 ways and needs you to take some more time. If you are not an expert, it is recommended to skip this way. In this solution, you need to have APK Edit software installed on the PC, and then do the necessary changes to the apps’ icons and names, and transfer the APK file to Android, and install the application. 


Use Unicon (Requires Root)

Unicon (Icon Themer) uses the root access to change the icons of installed apps on your device. One of the advantages of this way is that you don’t have to change the launcher to set new icons. It is very useful for those who are very fond of their stock launcher but want to do some changes in the appearance as well.

After downloading and installing Unicon on your device (Download Unicon from Google Play), you have access to more 100 icon themes including the Apex, Nova, and ADW icon packages. The requirements of this application other than the Root access, is installing Xposed Freamwork (XF) on your device. When you first run the Unicon, you are asked to either update or install XF, and after rebooting your phone or tablet, now list of available icons to use are shown.

There are other applications for rooted devices to change icons, but we found Unicon very easy to use and if you don’t want to root your device, we recommend using a launcher with changing icons themes support.