It's Holidays, Christmas time, and most of all it's New Year. Sending greeting cards to the ones we love, is one of the many things we always do in this time of the year, and thanks to our smart devices, we can send beautifully personalized Christmas Cards right from our phone or tablet. In this AW Center article, we review 5 best Android apps for creating and sharing Christmas cards, creating Christmas Video Ecards, and an step-by-step guide to draw a Christmas card from the beginning.

1. Christmas Greetings Cards Free
The logic behind these type of applications is so simple: You select a template, personalize it, and send it via email, MMS, Facebook, Wahtsapp or any other social networks. Christmas Greetings Cards Free is simple and easy-to-use application for this purpose which offers so many templates for different occasions, like Merry Christmas Xmas Cards, Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day and more. You can use your own taken pictures, personalized texts and description, and send the E-cards as easy as tapping an icon.
If you are looking for some alternatives, Greeting cards and Touchnote Postcards are recommended too.


2. Christmas Video Ecards
How about sending a Video Ecard, rather than the regular cards with a simple photo and a text below it? Christmas Video Ecards, is all you need to have to create a unique Video Ecards and share it with your friends, family and all the people you love.
You can select from one of the many available postcards or templates, or use your pictures, add some text messages with beautiful Christmas fonts, add different Christmas stickers, add some audio messages or use the existed ones, and Your Christmas Video Card Is Ready to be shared.

Keep being patient when seeing the kind of irritating pop-up Ads :).


3. Draw Christmas Postcard
So far we showed you how to create an Ecard to celebrate the Christmas and New Year with everyone. But Draw Christmas Postcard uses a brilliant idea to teach you how to really draw Christmas postcards. The application promises some step-by-step guides with every details to make sure you'll finally learn how to draw popular Christmas characters, from Christmas tree and Owl to Santa Clause and Snowman.
trust us! it's really fun learning to draw such characters, and although it is somehow meant for kids but we really loved it and it was useful for us too.


We would really love it, if receiving one of these Christmas Cards from our readers...