Today is the first day of Ramadan 2013, and to pay respect to all our Muslim readers all around the world, here in AW Center we present 5 best Android Apps for Ramadan.

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1.  Ramadan Live wallpaper

Let’s start with live wallpaper about Ramadan. There are many Ramadan live wallpapers, but this one is very clean, simple and beautiful. It reminds you of Ramadan Karim every time you turn on the screen of your Android phone or tablet. Learn how to add live wallpaper on Android?

Download Ramadan Live Wallpaper from Google Play

 2. Sehri and Iftar Alarm

Do you have problem for waking up on time for getting Sehri? Would you like to be informed about Iftar time, 30 minutes before its time? This Application uses the GPS Location and automatically detects sunrise, and sunset times of your current location. You can set delay alarm before or after both Sehri and Iftar time. If the app doesn’t detect your current location correctly, you can easily add the location manually.

Download Sehri and Iftar Alarm from Google Play


3. Resala Ramadan

This application shows the principles for conduct fasting in Ramadan. This app informs you about topics like: The Sunnah of Fasting, Thing that are allowed during fasting, Things that may invalidate Fasting, Things that are not invalidating Fasting, Breaking the Fast, Kaffareh (Expiation for Breaking a Fast), Remembrance of Allah and Dua in the month of Ramadan, and many more.

Download Resala Ramadan from Google Play


4. Ramadan 2013

Ramadan 2013 is one of the most complete Android App for Ramadan. When you first open the app, you are asked to set Asar Angle (Shafii or Hanafi), Calculation Method (University of Islamic Sciences, Karachai OR Islamic Society of North America OR Umm al-Qura Makkah OR some other methods), and Time Zone. Sehar and Iftar time is shown for the whole month based on your current location and you can also check the prayer time for Ramadan (Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Sunset, Maghrib, and Isha). This calendar for whole month was a good idea, which is very useful

There are also Duas for Sehar and Iftar in Arabic and English.

As mentioned this app is providing many information about Ramadan, but since it is an AD support app, sometimes the popups and offers were just too disturbing.

Download Ramadan 2013 from Google Play


5. Ramadan Achievements

Ramadan Achievements is all about reminding you to do some good things to other people; from your neighbor to a poor person. This is kind of a To-Do list app which has some default tasks, and you can mark tasks you have done during the month of Ramadan. Some of these tasks are: Donate money to charity, Contact family and friends you haven’t spoken to in a long time, Invite a non-Muslim friend to your Iftar meal, Send a neighbor Iftar snacks, Feed a homeless and poor person, Greet everyone with a smile. The weak point of the app is the lacking of the option to add some new tasks manually.

Download Ramadan Achievements from Google Play

Ramadan Mubarak