One of the main applications of the mobile phones, specially the smart phones is playing the music. Variety of music player apps exists on the market, so the users face a situation to which they should choose. This is mainly reflects on what are their expectations from that kind of app. In this post, you are going to get familiar with some of the best Android music apps on the Play Store


1. Google Play Music

The app which is provided by Google is one of the players which let the users easily play their music, enjoy them and even search and share them on Internet and other mediums with others. With the new features of the app, you can play millions of songs on Google play music, listen to the radio without any limitation and enjoy the users created playlists. In addition, the app also allows you to access your music anywhere without worrying about the space requirements and offline playing. The interface’s design is so simple without any complexity.


  • Access to millions of songs
  • Creating your customized radio with your favorite songs
  • Access to music everywhere without the need to sync the music, and an online storage to save the music for offline use
  • Experience music without advertising
  • The option to buy over 18 million songs from the Google Play
  • Free sharing of bought music on Google Plus

Download Google Play Music from Google Play

2. Player Pro Music Player

This is an advance music player which supports video playback as well. The program is very powerful in the sound management and equipped with lots of plugins such as skins and widgets. There is a widget for lock screen and home screen as well, which you may use your favorite widget and makes the communication with the app easier.


  • Ability to choose skins and highly personalization tools in this area
  • Sorting and searching tracks by album, artist, genre, song name, folder, playlist and...
  • Automatically tags download for tracks with incomplete information
  • Change the display mode to Grid or List
  • Download and search for song lyrics
  • Home screen widgets with different size
  • Lock screen widget with personalization options (for Android 4.2 and above)
  • Support for notification in the status bar with showing playing music information and control buttons
  • Supports gesture commands for a variety of different actions
  • Supports the Shake It function to change the songs by shaking the phone

Download PlayerPro Music Player from Google Play

3. TTPod

One of the most successful and best android music player with over 10 million official downloads from Google Play.

The program has a nice graphical user interface which the user may change the skins at any time.


  • Ultra powerful music player and ad justable internal graphical equalizer
  • Automatic lyric download based on the song’s tag
  • Collection of diverse skins to use to change the whole user interface
  • Displays lyrics floating
  • Lock-screen widget with the control options

Download TTPod from Google Play

4. Jet Audio Plus

After a successful experience in the computer and Windows players, Jet Audio Plus for Android is one of the best too. It plays any kind of music files and supports almost all music formats. The program was introduced with 32 built-in equalizers and gives different experience of listening to music to users.


  • Switch between list and table styles
  • Control playback speed from 50% to 200%
  • Sleep timer up to 24 hours
  • Go to the next or previous song by shaking the phone
  • View lyrics
  • 2 Lock Screen widgets
  • 14 widgets in different sizes, with the ability to control music
  • Dark and light themes for the browser
Download jetAudio Music Player Plus from Google Play

5. Winamp Pro

This app is also one of the powerful Windows media players which also right now is among the best Android players. The app syncs and manages music between your Windows PC or mac, and Android devices easily. Similar to previous players which introduced, Winamp pro comes with several features, which are described briefly in the following,


  • Sync music with both Windows Media Player and Mac media application
  • Wireless synchronization
  • Import playlists fro, iTunes with a single click
  • More than 50,000 radio stations
  • Manage music by album, artist, song title, genre and folders
  • Two widgets with 1 x 4 and 2 x 4 dimension
  • Supports 14 languages

 Download Winamp Pro from Google Play

To conclude, each of presented app has their fan base, however if we want to choose one as the best, we must consider facts from personal taste and to unique features. If you are looking to buy music online and would like to listen to them everywhere without being worry about how to carry them, the Google Play is the winner. On the other hand, if buying the music is not the case and you carry all of your songs with you, the vast, unique features of Jet Audio Plus make this player the best among other. You may found some of its feature on others, but not all of it.

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