Is it really easy and secure working with HTC One Max Fingerprint Scanner? Well, this AW Center article discusses more about the new feature on HTC One Max, as the first Android device with fingerprint sensor.

When Apple added Touch ID in its iPhone 5S product, we were all expecting to see this fingerprint technology on Android devices as well. HTC is the first company who implemented this biometric senor on its latest device, HTC One Max, and here we present you 5 things about Fingerprint sensor implemented on this big screen phablet by HTC.

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1. Is it Secure? No Third Party Access..

The first thing you need to know is about the security of fingerprint data base stored by users. According to HTC statement, the fingerprint data is stored locally in the system partition and the encryption makes it impossible to be readily accessed or copied. Since HTC doesn’t store the actual image of the fingerprint, then it can only be identified by a proprietary algorithm.

2. You Need to Swipe to Unlock

Unlike Apple Touch ID which needs your finger to touch the specific area, on HTC One Max, you have to swipe your finger so the phone can identify you. So, it seems you just have to turn the phone around, do the swiping, and turn it back agai n! A little bit frustrating, isn’t it?

3. It’s about where the sensor has been placed

Do you know anybody around who is satisfied with the placement of the sensor (expect the HTC designers of course)? Imagine the angle of your hands when holding the phone, and now try swiping the sensor vertically! The other drawback about the placement is that it is too close to the lens, and you may have to clear the lens each time you accidentally swipe the lens when swiping.

4. First Wake the Phone Up and Then Use the Sensor.

One of the very first benefits of using fingerprint sensors to unlock the phone is reducing the process of unlocking the phone to its minimum. But if you want to use the fingerprint feature on your HTC One Max, you first need to press the power button to wake the device up and then swipe your finger to unlock

5. Open Applications by Swiping Your Finger

HTC added the feature to open up to 3 different applications by swiping 3 different fingers over the fingerprint scanner. We really like the idea and it is kind of a welcome note to the developers to start developing application, using the sensor. The only negative point for this feature is that you can only open applications from the lock screen, and when the phone is unlocked you cannot swipe to open applications.

Do you thing the fingerprint scanner (sensor) is mature and secure enough to be used as the primary method of securing your device? Especially the one, used in HTC One Max..