HTC One is for sure a great Android choice on 2013. See the 5 Top reasons to buy HTC One and these solid best reasons may make you buy HTC One. Even today! You may find some of these reasons in the HTC One Review or HTC One Pros & Cons, but this article is for those who love the phone already but just need some motivations to go on..


The device has 4.7-inch high-definition display with 469 pixels per inch (highest pixel density so far), with full HD resolution (1080*1920 inch) and is produced by Sony and has a unique quality to display images. Among the top features of this display, we can refer to depth of images, good color separation, and wider angle of view without sacrificing quality and its readability under sunlight. The LCD has the best size in viewpoint of many experts; it is neither big nor small.

The powerful hardware

Hardware is regarded as a controversial issue for many users. Users are always fighting over the number of cores in a phone! If a powerful hardware is important to you, HTC One is one the most powerful ones. The device is powered by 1.7GH quad-core processor and 2GB RAM. Also, Adreno 320 GPU, delivers the graphics power needed for the next generation of games. Batteries for HTC One phones have a capaci ty of 2300mAH and hold a charge for at least 48 hours.

HTC One Body

This smart phone is proud of its awesome design and wonderful aluminum body. The thickness of this body reaches to 9.3mm and the frame is cut by a CNC machine. HTC One body has been a big challenge for Galaxy S4.

Ultra pixel Camera
Corporation has devoted all its efforts to designing highly Ultra Pixel Camera. The new sensor offers the largest pixel size on a Smartphone, which can capture significantly more light and is a new technology in the field of mobile phone cameras. This sensor is prepared with three layers of 4 megapixel resolution and each layer has to record one color. As a result of merging these three layers final image is produces. The result is a high quality picture. Autofocus feature , LED flash, Face and Smile Detection system, image Stabilization system and Full HD video recording at 30FPS.

Beats Audio

With Beats Audio system you can have a unique experience of music. The clear sound, low-level noise, and a deep bass are great gifts of this audio system in HTC One.

Graphic User Interface: HTC Sense

HTC Sencse on Android brings a magnificent user epxereicne. HTC Sense is a graphical user interface developed by HTC Corporation for mobile devices and version 5.0 of it, is different from what we had seen before. In this version, we can see Metro interface for Windows 8 and Sense GUI. Be sure this GUI attracts you.