“If you are a manufacturer and you are going to develop a unique feature on your new flagship device, then make sure it needs some specific hardware piece, otherwise developers are going to offer that feature on other Android devices soon”. How much do you agree with this sentence?

Motorola has just announced its Moto X with some great software features, like Active Display, and now developers have found a way to bring this feature for all the other Android users with Jelly Bean devices. Although it is not as perfect as the original feature on the Moto X, but it is still useful especially when you receive plenty of unimportant notifications during the day and so, you don’t have to turn on the screen every time a notification is received, anymore.

ActiveNotifications is an application to show the time and notifications on the screen of your device while it is off. You can also customize which app notifications to receive from the “Manage notification types”.

When you receive a notification, to see more about the notification and its details, you just need to swipe your finger up. If you try swiping left or right, notification is dismissed and to unlock the phone you are going to need to swipe down which of course doesn’t bypass your current security lock.

You can either set a custom screen timeout or let the app use the default settings for time out. It also uses the proximity sensor (We guess) to disable notifications when the device is in pocket or faced down.


If you upgrade to the premium version you will get the following features too: Hide notification details on the notification center, shut down the service at night for battery usage issues, change the level of the brightness, and automatically switch off the screen after dismissing a notification.

To get ActiveNotifications to work on your device, you must run Jelly Bean 4.1.2 or above (we are not sure if the developers are going to provide the application for lower versions or not) and make sure you have enabled the application access in the Accessibility Menu.

ActiveNotifications is one of the Android applications, which is definitely worth trying and taking time, especially if you own a device with Stock Android ROM (Nexus series, GS4 GE and HTC One GE).

Download ActiveNotifications from Google Play

Do you know any other Features of Moto X which can be used on other Android devices?