Google has recently released the Android 4.4.1 update for about 1% of Android devices which have been already updated to Android KitKat. Other than the major Nexus 5 camera improvements, the update tries to fix some bugs and add some minor changes and new features.

Note that the 4.4.1 update is now available for: Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 2013 (Both WiFi and LTE versions), and Nexus 10, and since the update is being rolled out gradually (depending your carrier and region) you may need to wait longer to receive the OTA update notification.

Here are the Android 4.4.1 new features:

  • Nexus 5 camera improvements: Camera app launches faster, Faster shutter with less lag, Pinch to Zoom is supported in the HDR+ mode, and Faster white balancing.
Nexu								s-5-Improved-Camera
  • Haptic feedback in Nexus 5 tweaked, to provide smoother experience.
  • Fixed the “low volume output on certain app” issue (on Nexus 5).
  • Whatsapp now can work with the ART runtime (Other applications with the same problem as Whatsapp, are working on ART too).
  • Photos is the default application for Gallery.
  • Fixed the “Syncing problem with an exchange server in the Email application” issue (on Nexus 5).
  • Icon in the notification bar are aligned properly (Cell, WiFi, and Battery icon).
  • Wireless Display renamed to Cast Screen
  • The Nexus 5’s transparent status bar will no longer turn to an opaque status bar.
  • Navigation bar on lock screen is transparent (on Nexus 4).
  • Fixed the “missing voice mail icon on certain carriers”
  • The option to select data connection mode and switch from 4G to 3G

The chocolate flavored platform is getting sweeter, isn’t it?