Google I/O is an annual conference held by Google, focusing on Google (and its partners) new technologies and products which are going to be announced. According to the rumors, Google might introduce the new Android version (Android 5) on this conference which takes place at San Francisco, California on May 2013. Except a name and a few traces, no more information has leaked out about this new version. According to a Nena benchmark on a device with the codename of LT30i (probably a Sony product), android 5 was recorded as the device OS. So it could be said that the delicious android 5 Key Lime Pie, would be firstly cooked on the Sony Nexus. It is also possible that Motorola announces its X Phone project with android 5 on this conference. Although no official information is available about the Key Lime Pie yet, but here are a few features which might be introduced in this new version:

  • Adding support for installing new themes: A launcher could change graphical user interface and it could make android much more charming. It is also possible to add new themes on custom launchers but adding new themes to the android default launcher is not currently possible. So adding support for installing new themes on android would be greatly appreciated. Although Sony has already used this feature using its Timescape graphical interface.
  • Different profiles for different locations and situations: it would be great if it was possible to quickly adjust the device profile without the need to adjust many different preferences. So if for example the conference profile is selected, the device must quickly mute and disable vibration. Or if game mode is chosen, all unused applications must be closed to increase device frame rate and speed. This ability is currently available on Cyanogen and Motorola ROMs.
  • Better synchronization with Google services on android: Google services are intelligently synchronized via the web but somehow, there are still some bugs on android synchronization. For example suppose you are watching a YouTube video on an android smartphone, and then you want to switch to an android tablet in order to watch the sequence of the video. Unfortunately this is not currently possible and you would have to start watching the video from the beginning.
  • Parallel Windows: On windows, you can easily have several different windows on the top at the same time. Somehow this feature is not currently available on android despite it supports multi-tasking (except for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 new update which is able to have 2 windows on top at the same time).
  • Adding an option to disable update notification: There is an ability on most android stores which notifies user when there are any updates available for apps. But unfortunately, unlike Windows Update it is not simply possible to deactivate update notification, as some users might not want have to have this feature enabled.
  • Ability to choose where to install the app: There is no need to use any app to SD anymore if we could choose where to install during app installation.
  • Better notifications: Notifications on android is one of the frequently used tools and Google always consider new features for it on new updates. Hope Google has new creative idea for this part.
  • Android Beam: Android beam like Bluetooth is a type of data transfer tool between multiple gadgets (smartphones, tablets...). It is however a little old fashioned and requires to be extended.

Since the Conference is being hedl on 15-17 May, you still have time to share your expectations about Android 5.0 on our official Facebook page here (Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Features)