This AW Center App Updates, reviews the latest changes in 3 popular Android apps for tweeting, viewing & editing MS Office files, and typing via a great virtual keyboard: Plume for Twitter, QuickOffice, and Swiftkey Keyboard. So, if you use either of these applications, make sure to download the latest update to enjoy the most out of them.

1. Plume For Twitter Provides Push Notification and Live Streaming
Plume is our favorite Android Twitter app and in our review we called it the Best Twitter Client for Android. So, what are the changes?

  • You will instantly be informed about new tweets, replies, message, and mentions, via some push notifications.
  • The Live Stream mode which can be found on both feeds and widget and you can choose when to enable this mode:Never, When plume is Running, or Always
  • Some improvements in the battery consumption when the app is running in the background
  • And some other improvements, like fixing the issue of now showing avatars in the widgets
Download Plume for Twitter

2. Quickoffice Now Opens a Google Document via Google Drive App
When Google is behind an application, you should expect constant and regular updates to improve the functionality and more compatibility with oth er Google products and applications. Since both Google Drive and Quickoffice are some how doing the same task, Now opening a Google document inside Quickoffice will launch the file using the Google Drive application and on the other side, opening a doucment in the Google Drive, the Quickoffice application is launched. It seems Google is having some thoughts about merging the 2 apps in the future.

Download Quickoffice

3. WSawfwafw
Swiftkey keyboard is for sure one of the best Android Virtual Keyboards available on the Play Store. The recent update (version 4.2.1) makes the application for both phones and tablets even better. Other than regular improvments and bug fixes, we can mention the following as the most important improvements and bug fixes:

  • The Backup & Sync process is more battery friendly
  • Trending Phrases now use less of your data plan
  • Fixing the issues with prediction in languages with Right-to-Left structure (Like Arabic)
  • And some more fixes like: translation within the app and crashing when quickly flowing two words at the same time.
Download SwiftKey Keyboard