Before getting to the today's Android App Updates, let's discuss about the upcoming Google Play update. Google is planning to separate tablet optimized apps from other apps in Google Play. In other words, when you open the Google Play application on your tablet, you are redirected to the section which only tablet-optimized application can be found (It is obvious that you can still install other application, which are only optimized for phones, on your tablet). As stated by Google, this service will be available from November 21. We believe this this distinction will lead to a win-win deal for both users and developers, since developers can focus on developing more tablet-optimized apps, while they are sure that users can find these apps easier than before. Read More.

Other than this Google Play update, Microsoft released a huge update for its favorite mail client, and Spotify as the leading app for streaming music, added some new features and fixed some bugs.

1. Server-side search, New Colors, and...
Microsoft updated with some significant improvements as follows:

  • Server-sdie Search: This new search method lets your search through the entire emails, associated to your account, even if it is not on your phone. It looks up for the search email in the servers and gets back the result
  • Unlimited Sync:   It sync all of your emails from the beginning till now and is not limited anymore
  • Aliases in Now Supported: Now it is possible to send email from your aliases via Android app
  • New Colors: 11 colors is now available for a better personal experience
  • Vacation Replies: Managing your vacation reply is now possible with the Android app and you can just change the reply message on the go
  • Traditional Chinese language support

2. Spotify: Sub-Genre Filtering and More
The most important change in the best Android App for Streaming Music, is the feature to filter sub-genres in Browse. Other than fixing some bugs and minor improvements, there have been some changes in the new releases section for a better experience.

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