In this AW Center App Updates Article, we first introduce the new version of Plants vs. Zombies, and then review the latest changes in the Vine, as one of the best ways to share your life in motion, and OfficeSuite Pro 7, as one of the few great Microsoft Office Package alternative.

1. Plants vs. Zombies™ 2: Zombies Are Back
The Android version of Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 finally hit the Google Play world wide, and if your one of those who love the first version, you are strongly recommended to try the sequel. While PvZ 2 follows the basics of the original game, it brings some new features like: new plants, themed worlds, variety of challenging mini games, lots of in-app purchase (which include some plants from the PvZ 1), and a lot more .
The only thing you need to do is clicking the download icon and enjoy hours of excitement and entertainment.

Download Plants vs. Zombies™ 2

2. Vine: Adds Time Travel and Sessions
Those who have tried Vine on both Android and iOS, believe that the Android version of Vine is not as great as the iOS version. But the new version of this popular video sharing Android app brings 2 new features which are really useful and after all we can compare the Android version with the iOS one. Sessions lets you save up to 10 open sessions at any time, with the ability to check them later. Time Travel lets you remove, reorganize, or replace posts before sharing it.
You need to run Android 4-0 or above to be able to install Vine on your Android device.

Download Vine

3. OfficeSuite 7 (PDF & HD): Create Templates, Free hand drawing and More
Well, OfficeSuite 7 is one of the most powerful Android apps to manage MS Office files on your smart device, and both the Free and Paid version received a huge update this week. If you have purchase the PRO version, now you can enjoy these features: Create templates from Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and save them in My templates folder, freehand drawing and charts are supported in Word and PowerPoint, and some more. For those who are using the Free version, these features have been added/improved: charts are supported in Word and PowerPoint, Using Google Cloud Print improved, Transition audio for PPT and PPTX files, and many more.

OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF & HD)