In this AW Center App Update article, Google Hangout changes is discussed, and the other 2 application with a major update, are: Pandora, as one of the best internet radio apps and music streaming service, and Facebook Messenger.

1. Hangout: SMS integration, Location sharing, and GIF support
Google added some great features to its communication app, Hangout. The main added feature is the ability to send/receive text messages right from the application, and you no longer need to switch apps for messaging (According to rumors Voice calls may be added to Hangout in the near future). The option to share your current location is the other Hangout feature, and supporting GIF files is the last feature added to the new version of Hangout.
Google didn't mention any specific day for making the updated version of Hangout, available to download and we should just wait at least a couple of days.


2. Pandora: It Is Finally Tablet Friendly

Pandora® internet radio is known for its great music streaming services, and although we prefer Spotify and Tunein for this purpose, it has its own loyal fans. The fifth version of Pandora has a new design and the interface has been completely optimized for tablets.
"Just swipe your tablet screen to explore without interrupting your music. The new third pane makes it easier than ever to view your music feed and personal profile or find new artists and tracks."

Download Pandora

3. Facebook Messenger: SMS Feature is No Longer Available
Facebook added a feature to its messenger app which let the users send text messages, but in the latest update (which hits globally in a few days), they just removed this features and we assume it is because the service wasn't as successful as expected. As promised by Facebook the new version is going to have a completely renewed design as well as significant performance improvements.
check the following link to see if the update it available for your device or not.