In this AW Center article about Android App Updates, we’ve selected Chrome Browser, Motorola Migrate, and Dropbox which have received major improvements in functionality.

Chrome Browser and Dropbox are too popular to be introduced, but Motorola Migrate is an app developed by Motorola Mobility which helps you transfer data between your old phone and the new one.

So, let’s check out the changes and improvements for these 3 mentioned Android apps:


1. Chrome Browser - Google: Reduce Data Usage Up To 50%

Google’s browser received a major update which the new version emphasizes mainly on the data usage, as according to the Google the new version of Chrome Browser manages to reduce data usage up to 50%. If you go to Chrome’s settings menu and enable “Reduce data usage” option from the “Bandwidth management” menu, the new feature is enabled, compressing starts, and you can even track the amount of data you are saving.

Other than stability and security updates, you may feel faster speed when searching, thanks to the updated New Tab Page.

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2. Motorola Migrate: Now Supports iCloud

As we mentioned earlier, Motorola Migrate is the Motorola’s solution to provide an easy to use way to move your contents from you old phone to your new Mo torola phone. This process is as easy as installing the app on both devices, scan a QR code, and the transfer process starts wirelessly over a WiFi connection.

But the latest version of Motorola Migrate, adds the support for iColoud which means, you just log into your iCloud account from the Motorola Migrate application, and data transfer begins immediately.

Like always some minor bugs have been fixed too.

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3. Dropbox: Fixes Camera Upload Issue on Android 4.4.2

If you’ve already updated your Android device to Android 4.4.2, you’ll definitely find this updated version a useful and necessary update, but for other Android users (which account for about 98% of users) may find it unimportant. By the way, you don’t have to manually upload your pictures anymore, and also the background uploading now works smoothly and you can choose to upload only pictures to your account rather than videos and pictures.

If you haven’t updated your Dropbox app for a while, you may also find the option to send photos and videos to your contacts and invite contacts to view shared folders, 2 new features.

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