In this AW Center article about Android App Updates, we selected Pushbullet, UC Browser for Android, and Contacts + which have received major improvements both in design and functionality.

Pushbullet enables you to send different types of notification to your computer, other devices, or friends, UC Browser for Android can be definitely named as the one of the best replacements for Chrome browser, and Contacts + establishes a new standard for what a contacts and dialer app should look like.

So, let’s check out the changes and improvements for these 3 mentioned Android apps:


1. Pushbullet: Dismiss Phone Notifications From a Desktop

If you read our article about Pushbullet, you’d know how efficient and useful this application is, especially when you want to send a useful link or quick note from your computer to your Android device.

Pushbullet Inc starts the 2014, by adding the ability to dismiss your phone’s notification right from Chrome browser on your computer (it only works on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or 4.4.x KitKt). You can also get to disable mirroring from Chrome, and sent pushes can be accessed from the drawer in the app. Like always there are so many bug fixes and speed improvements.

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2. UC Browser for Android: It Gets Faster and Faster

UC Browser is available on almo st all the major Operating Systems, and while the US Browser for Windows Phone is without any doubt the best browser on WM, but on the Android platform they have a strong competitor, Chrome for Android.

By the way, if you prefer the UC Browser and it is your default web browser, the good news is that it gets faster than ever and you can feel the speed when downloading files, as the new feature breaks down the files into smaller parts, so each part is downloaded simultaneously to increase the speed. There are also some other new features too, including: Web Application Center and Image Viewer, which the latter puts all the pictures on the current webpage in one place as if you are viewing an album. The newly added home screen widget provides an easy access to the UC Browser services.

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3. Contacts +: New Design With More Available Customization

Contacts + is one of those Android apps that you won’t find them a useful and necessary app until you use them for just one time, and from that moment it is really hard to go back to the default Android contacts (people) and dialer app.

In the latest version of Contacts +, other than the new design, you have the option to choose between Round / Square pictures in the main contacts view, dialer search and textual search can be easily toggled, and the option to quick call, text or email friends by long pressing on a contact picture.

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