In this Android Apps Updates article we review the improvements and new features in the latest versions of Google Play Music, Aviate Beta, and BBM.

Google Play Music is one of the easiest to use Android music applications which lets you “discover, play and share the music you love on Android and the web”, Aviate Beta is an innovative Android launcher which has been recently acquired by Yahoo, and BBM is the favorite Black Berry Messenger which lets the Apple, Android and Black Berry users to be in touch.


1. Google Play Music: Cache Radio Stations for Offline Use

The Google’s native music player is indeed the best Android music player if you are not looking for too many options and customizations which you may barely use. In the latest app update, you can finally manage your devices right from the application itself without the need to use the web interface. Note that up to 10 authorized devices can be managed from the application, and if you have more connected devices you either need to use the old way (web interface) or deauthorize some unused devices.

The other new feature is the option to cache the Radio stations for listening to them later, even if you are offline.

More options in the sidebar, Added 'Play next' in the context menu, the ability to pin radio stations are some the other improvements in the Google Play Music latest version.


2. Aviate Beta: Introducing Listening Space and Photography Collection

Back in early January at CES, Yahoo announced the acquisition of successful and well-appreciated Android launc her, Aviate, and since that time here is the first application’s update.

Listening Space is a new feature which shows information about the artist including recent Tweets, upcoming concerts, and bios as soon as you start listening to one of their songs while your headphone’s plugged.

You can also see all your photography-related apps in one place, thanks to the Photography Collection feature.

Note that the application is still in the invite-only version and you can easily send your request from the Aviate application.


3. BBM: BBM Voice and BBM Channels Added

Black Berry Messenger was one of the many competitive advantages of successful Black Berry Company in the past decade, but they start to lose their position as iOS and Android took over. A couple months ago, the Canadian OEM released their BBM service to both iOS and Android users and this week they finally added the long waited features to their messaging app, including BBM Voice and BBM Channels.

The BBM Voice lets you have free voice calls between BBM contacts, and BBM Channels lets you join different communities and discuss with other users about the certain community which may be about brands, businesses and more.

There have also been some improvements for faster and easier sharing experience, Location sharing is now enabled, 100 new emoticons has been added and finally you can chat and share with 50 people in your BBM group.