Weather you know it or not, you have used Cloud Computing many times. If you have ever saved (uploaded) a photo on the web, listened to Music on Google Music or read a document using Google Doc (Google Drive), then you have for sure used a cloud computing service. Android as a dynamic operating system featured new concepts to the world of mobile platforms by the help of these services. Here is a short description of what Cloud Computing is and then you will be introduced to some of these services.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the type of computing and processing data based on large computer networks such as Internet, by using new patterns of IT analysis. In other words, Cloud Computing is the act of data processing on remote web servers (usually supercomputers) with the help of Internet. For example if you are making a text file using Google Drive, you are actually using a Cloud Computing service. These services are found usually free of charge, but there are also some paid services such as Microsoft Office 365, which you can use it by paying 100$ annually. Ease of access, cost reduction, easy sharing, safety and security of data are all some features of using such services. Regarding cost reduction, you wouldn’t need to buy high end expensive hardware for your system, as all processes will be done on high speed servers and all you just need to do is command.

Cloud Computing in Android

All Cloud services in Android are based on Google Cloud services as defaul t but to use other ones, you will need to install them first. Applications such as Evernote, Dropbox, instagram, SkyDrive, are all Cloud services which can be installed from Google Play. These companies sometimes come with special offer for some smartphones. For example Samsung Galaxy S III owners get some free cloud storage from Dropbox.

Some favorite Cloud storage for Google services are:

  • Google Music: This service will give you enough space to store your favorite music, and to play them anytime, anywhere with any device! You will have the ability to buy world’s most famous albums and to have access to a vast collection of music.
  • Google Drive: Google Drive like Dropbox gives you space (5GB of space) to store any type of files (images, videos, texts, etc.) on it.
  • Google Map: Beside the world map it has, it enables you to navigate your path, display traffic conditions, search for places, etc. Other services such as Street View and Latitude work only with Google Map.

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