Quick Review of Android in 2012 As of now, Android is on the top list of favorite mobile platforms. According to a research done by IDC Statistical Institute, around 68.3% of all mobile devices have Android installed on them. These kinds of statistics may vary from one research institution to another, but what they all have in common is that: Google’s green robot has won the competition. Compared to 50.8% market share in 2011, it has increased 106.5% in 2012. The selling of Samsung Galaxy Series, specially the Galaxy S3 is one of the reasons of this growth. There is also a slight growth rate on Android Tablet sales. The statistics shows in 2011 39.8% of tablet share was for android tablets. This number for 2012 is 42.7%. The best-selling Android tablet in 2012 was Nexus 7 designed by Asus. Android Market Share in 2013 Many Statistical Institutions have forecasted Android devices sales in 2013. According to Digitimes analysis there are three important factors aff 70% for Android in 2013 ecting mobile platforms share in 2013: OS leaders’ relations with hardware manufacturers, Market and Operators demands (For bundling), and main mobile manufacturers policies (Such as Samsung, HTC, Sony). Based on Statistics, 865 Million smartphone are being sold in 2013 (2 Million more than 2012). Android, iOS and Windows Phone would have the market share 71%, 19% and 6% respectively in 2013. The rest would remain for other operating systems such as Bada, Tizen, Firefox and Linux. These statistics are made by Digitimes, but there is also some other statistics saying 70% for Android’s share. Google policies in Android marketing, producing of Nexus tablets and smartphones, entring of hardware manufacturers (like ZTE, Huawei, Hyundai) to Android world and many features of Android itself, are all reasons why users are attracted to this platform. Don’t forget about Microsoft.  Windows 8 has entered this competition recently. Nokia and Microsoft are both cooperating to increase Windows 8 market shares in the New Year, so let’s see who will win the competition between mobile OS manufacturers coming in 2013.