There are so many weblogs and websites which cover news about Android OS and Android devices, and if you search the term “Android News”, you will definitely get surprised by the search results. But how can you make sure the publishing source is trusted, and how can you find the news about your favorite devices among so many other news?

Here in AW Center, we added “News Digest” articles to inform you about the latest important Android news all over the world, from trusted sources. These news include: Official announcements, Gossips, General news, Reviews, Statistics, and more..

Android News  03 December 2013 – 12:00 GMT / 07:00 EST:

 1. We Owe You An Apology, Said Motorola CEO

If you are one of those who tried buying the affordable Moto X, thanks to the Cyber Monday promotion, then you know how the Motorola site went down and faced server errors.

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside released an statement to apology for the issues on the Cyber Monday and officially extended the promotion to December 4th and December 9th. As announced, Motorola doubled the number of devices to be able to supply more customers.

So, on Wednesday and the next Monday you’ll get $150 discount to order customized Moto X on any carrier.

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2. Galaxy Note 3 Lite To Be Announced At the MWC 2 014

There were so many rumors suggesting that Samsung is working on 3 variants of the Galaxy Note 3: The normal, the premium and the lite version. At the unpacked event we just saw the normal version of Galaxy Note 3, and we were almost forgetting about the other 2 variants. SamMobile sources believe that Galaxy Note 3 Lite does exist and it is going to be announced in February at MWC 2014.

5.49” or 5.7” LCD display and 8MP rear camera are expected for Galaxy Note 3 Lite which will be released almost immediately after announcement.

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3. Google Updated Android Versions Distribution in November

Google collected data for devices opening Google Play Store app in a given time interval, and updated the Android versions distribution in November 2013. Results show 54.4% Android devices are running Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.x, 4.1.x, and 4.3), 24.1% are still running Gingerbread, and 1.1% are running the newest Android version, Android KitKat 4.4.

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