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Android News 04 January 2014 – 12:00 GMT / 07:00 EST:

1. DreamTab is The DreamWorks Android Tablet For Kids

DreamWorks is the master of making memorable moments for kids (and adults) by producing different multimedia contents for lower ages, and on other side, Fuhu, is kind of well-known for producing tablets for kids. Now both companies have partnered to produce an Android tablet, as the DreamWorks solution to get more influence at the Kids’ life and have 24/7 interaction with them

DreamTab is an 8-inch Android tablet which will reportedly cost less than $300, and DreamWorks has plans to bring plenty of animation contents created by the company’s animators for the kids via this tablet.

Drawing lessons and the option to use the same stylus as DreamWorks artist use is one of the many advantages of DreamTab.

Spring is when we should expect the tablet to be launched.



2. Samsung Hints On the Next Version of its Wearable Devices

Samsung Mobile UK official Twitter account, posts a status and asks “What do you want Samsung to unveil in 2014?” In the tweeted picture, you can see the Galaxy Gear on the left, while on the right there is an empty place for the next product in the 2014.

Since the closest event is CES, we may thing Samsung is preparing to launch the next generation of Galaxy Gear in the next week, but as Samsung is referring to the whole year ahead, it may just be a hint that wearable devices are still in the Korean’s agenda.

Speaking of wearable devices, Introducing Galaxy Band which is a tool to control your health conditions during the work outs, and Galaxy Gear 2 are the most anticipated devices to be announced in the 2014.



3. Sony Xperia Z1 Mini To Be Unveiled in China on January 14

While all the tech news is about CES and the device to be announced in Las Vegas next week, Sony China is preparing an event to unveil the much appreciated 4.3 inches device, Xperia Z1 Mini, on January 14th. The teaser image indicates that like Japanese market, this Xperia device will be available in 4 colors: Yellow, Black, White and Pink.

We’ve always said that we really like the Z1 Mini as it does follow the definition of Mini by sharing almost all the Xperia Z1 features, except the obvious battery capacity and screen size.