There are so many weblogs and websites which cover news about Android OS and Android devices, and if you search the term “Android News”, you will definitely get surprised by the search results. But how can you make sure the publishing source is trusted, and how can you find the news about your favorite devices among so many other news?

Here in AW Center, we added “News Digest” articles to inform you about the latest important Android news all over the world, from trusted sources. These news include: Official announcements, Gossips, General news, Reviews, Statistics, and more..

Android News – 04 October 2013 – 12:00 GMT / 07:00 EST:

1. Touch ID for Android Devices Arrives Next Year

While iPhone 5S users are enjoying unlocking their device with their fingerprint, The FIDO Alliance (as a well known company with the support of 48 companies like Google, and LG) believe the biometric security technology, and beyond it, is coming to Android devices in early 2014. 
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2. HTC's Quarterly Financial Statements Announced: $101 Million Net Loss
It seems we should get used to hear just bad news about HTC. For the first time since 2002 (the year they went public), HTC announced a new loss in the 3rd quarter of 2013. The main reason for this loos, is about sales of HTC One which is far less than expected. 
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2. Samsung's Quarterly Financial Statements Announced: $9.4 Billion Operating Profit
Unlike HTC, it seems everything is going great at the Korean company, Samsung. Estimates show they broke another record and the profit increased 13% compare to the same period last year. There is no detailed information about the sales of different devices yet and we just know the total revenue is around $53.9 billion and operating profit is around $9.4 billion.
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