There are so many weblogs and websites which cover news about Android OS and Android devices, and if you search the term “Android News”, you will definitely get surprised by the search results. But how can you make sure the publishing source is trusted, and how can you find the news about your favorite devices among so many other news?

Here in AW Center, we added “News Digest” articles to inform you about the latest important Android news all over the world, from trusted sources. These news include: Official announcements, Gossips, General news, Reviews, Statistics, and more..

Android News – 27 October 2013 – 12:00 GMT / 07:00 EST:

1. Nexus 5 Press Render Leaks

As the leaked images of Nexus 5 gets clearer, the launch date get closer as well. @evleaks twitted a new Nexus 5 images which is exactly as expected. The notification bar is transparent, Hangout is used as the messaging app, Nexus logo is placed vertically, and the camera lens is wider.

The only thing we don’t know for sure is about the announcement.

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2. Nexus 4 with LTE Received Bluetooth Certificate? Or is it Nexus 5 LTE?

An LG device passed through Bluetooth certification, and based on the description the device’s model is LG-E960 (LTE Mobile Phone) which is also known as LE Nexus 4. On the other hand if we investigate more, we are linked to another LG device with LG-D821 as the code name. The already leaked Nexus 5 manual, suggests D821 as the model number of LG Nexus 5.

So, we are either dealing with the new version of Nexus 4 which supports LTE, or this Bluetooth certificate is about the yet-to-be-announced LG Nexus 5 LTE model.

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3. A New Guinness Record: Samsung’s Huge Photobook  

Samsung’s is investing more than $12 Billion for marketing purposes and one of their latest campaigns is displaying the largest photobook including 28,000 images uploaded by Facebook users all around the world.

During the 10 days Galaxy S4 Zoom Facebook campaign, Samsung received more than 36,000 images and printed 28,000 of them in a 5x8 m, 16 page album. The previous record belonged to a photobook including 10,000 photos.

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