There are so many weblogs and websites which cover news about Android OS and Android devices, and if you search the term “Android News”, you will definitely get surprised by the search results. But how can you make sure the publishing source is trusted, and how can you find the news about your favorite devices among so many other news?

Here in AW Center, we added “News Digestarticles to inform you about the latest important Android news all over the world, from trusted sources. These news include: Official announcements, Gossips, General news, Reviews, Statistics, and more..

Android News – 30 September 2013 – 11:00 GMT:

1. Is Samsung the manufaturer of Apple A8 Chip?

Rumors indicate that Apple is going to hand over the manfacturing of its next chipset (A8) to Samsung. While 30 to 40% of requried chips are produced by Samsung, the Taiwanian company TSMC will handle the rest.

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2. Samsung ChatOn reaches another milestone: 100 milion users

ChatOn just needed 2 years to reach 100 milion users in 237 countries. Samsung ChatOn is pre installed on Samsung feature phones, and Galaxy devices like Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 and Note 3, and can be also installed on every smartphone ruuning Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Black Berry.

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3. LG G Pro Lite Dual, is it LG's next device?

The name of the device can reveal the general specification of next LG's device which is expected to be released in mid-October. We are facing the light version LG G Pro with 5.5 inches screen size which can support 2 SIM cards at the same time. It is also possible to see some of LG G2 new features on G Pro Lite Dual as well. Features like: Knock-On, Guest Mode, and Q Slide.

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