Moving to the cloud computing is increasing day by day. The cloud computing has evolved such that these days we are expecting everything from it (Learn more: Android Cloud Computing). One of the prominent features of the cloud computing is playing the music. In fact, by storing the music tracks on the servers on the cloud and playing it on the devices such as notebooks, tablets or mobile phones, we can enjoy them easily. In this architecture, servers are responsible for all the processes and our device just has the duty to run the processed tasks. One of these services is Spotify. This service by supporting a wide range of the formats will eliminate the need for space to store music files. In continue, we are going to get more familiar with this service.

Spotify application is serving as an intermediary between the Android device and the Spotify servers. With using this application you can have access to millions of streaming music throughout the world. There is also the ability to save unlimited number of your desired songs on the service or clouds. This way you can have access to all your favorite music not only on one machine, but on any device that has access to this service, particularly Android devices. In addition, if some songs on a specific device added to this service, it will automatically sync the music among all the devices who have access to the service, therefore an automatic sync operation is performed. In this application, you can have access to your songs offline too, which of course you should previously download them. Another fantastic feature of Spotify is sharing the music between friends. In this mode, the user can share its favorite playlist with friends on social networks such as, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other similar services. This application is free just for 48 hours after the install, and for longer usage, depending on the duration of usage should be paid.

Spotify Features in a glance,

  • Access to millions of songs online
  • Online and Offline mode
  • Instant Auto-sync
  • Sharing with friends
  • Create playlists for syncing

Download Spotify from Google Play