When you need to tweak, tune, secure or monitor your Android device, Android Tuner will help you do that with its powerful comprehensive all-in-one toolbox for Android. Using this application it is possible to save battery, take backups, manage startups, access task manager & network manager, manage applications, system control, run benchmarks, and a whole lot more advanced settings that you may not find in any other tuning applications. There is even a 1-click quick optimization that will optimize database and clean up system and applications cache.


This app is totally a monster app, extremely useful and recommended to use especially for guys with Linux knowledge.  

Android Tuner also offers some very high customizable widgets. All resizable and categorized in Text, Graph, Toggle and Summery widgets. From the Settings, it is possible to modify widgets update rate, look & feel (colors, texts size, backgrounds, labels & etc.), their content and even save, restore and share the applied settings.


Using Android Tuner it is possible to test-run or to run any scripts and access terminal emulator. You can even access kernel logs with filtering, searching and sharing options.

The application provides a file explorer that you can use to explore your SD card and contents of your phone as well as system hidden paths (require root).

There is even a Linux firewall to prevent apps from accessing internet (require root). This option is located under Network manager with other options like Wi-Fi priority, DNS changer and TCP Congestion.


Using Android Tuner you have complete controls over device memory, SD card and very advanced system settings. FS Trimmer is an option that can help optimize write speed by trimming partitions and cleaning data marked for deletion that would otherwise cause lags while writing further data. You may have experienced lags after working some time with your device, this feature removes that problem . This function is the same as partition defragmentation in Windows. Another option that may help reduce lags is Entropy control. Other advanced options include: CPU governor, frequency, voltage, GPU controls, thermal, MPDecision controls, Build.prop and sysctl editor (basic and advanced mode) that may require advanced Linux knowledge.


The Battery Management section gives complete information about your battery. Information that no application could provide: status, graphics, history, markers, statistics, estimates, use times, calibration and compare.

Use the Device Manager to manage device hardware profiles and schedule maintenance activities.

The application can switch to two different modes: Nomral mode and Expert mode. The Expert mode opens a configurable dialog with shortcuts instead of opening the application in full screen. The dialog supports up to 24 shortcuts (4x6) that you can choose from the list activities.

The UI is good but having too many features may make it a little overcrowded and messy and therefore a little difficult for some users to work with.

Not to forget that Android Tuner is fully integrated with 3 famous applications: Battery Monitor Widget, System Tuner and Multi Toggle Widget.


Pros: firewall, 1-click optimization, Number 1 Android tuning application for managing every software-side settings

Cons: May be a little problematic for starters to get familiar with!

Android Tuner General Features:

  • 1-Click  optimization
  • 7 managers to fully control everything: Device manager, Task manager, Application manager, Battery manager Network manager, CPU manager and System manager.
  • Root file explorer
  • Firewall – prevent apps to access internet
  • Highly customizable widgets
  • Terminal Emulator & Script Editor
  • System and kernel logs reader
  • Manage memory consumption
  • Manage startups
  • + many more features

Download Android Tuner Free from Google Play