Tablets and phones currently have many things in common and they are very much alike. The only big difference as the time of writing this review, is the different screen sizes they have, not anything more! As of this, the idea of having a device partially tablet, partially phone is not something out of mind and may not surprise us. This goal is already achieved by Asus and they could record their name as the first manufacturer producing such a device.

The sale of over 2 million in just 3 months shows the lack of such device in the market.



Unlike the prototype, the gadget is designed to be needless of any support cover to hold the phone on the back side of the tablet. Tablet is useless without the phone and if you remove it from the tab, you will have nothing more than just a large display and a battery! As you place the phone back onto the tablet, it is activated in less than just 3 seconds and starts charging the phone battery. The phone is placed firmly on its place and you can be sure it doesn’t fall while you walk. 



Padfone 2 has a 1.5 GH Qualcomm quad core processor plus an Adreno 320 as the GPU and 2 GB of RAM. The display is unique, however, A Super IPS with a phone resolution of 1280 x 720 and tablet resolution of 1280 x 800. The phone display is 4.7” and th e tablet has a 10.1” display. The camera installed on the phone gadget is a 13 MP camera with Full HD video recording. There comes a digital pen with special abilities with the package. You don’t believe it but you can use the pen as a headset and answer your calls! It means you simply need to place the correct end of the pen on your ears and the other end of it, in front of your mouth and start talking right away, just like any telephone! The pen has also another great feature and that it will notify you if you leave it somewhere. The bad news is that it is sold separately and it doesn’t come with the package.


The only point to be noted on the software part is the OS used for this amazing gadget. It is Android 4.0.4 which is planned to upgrade to 4.1.1. There is not such a unique software feature other than the common Android features


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