It's said we spend a thrid of our life while sleeping. Whether correct or not, it is always a good idea to keep track of our activities during the day and take a look back at our passed days, months or years to see in which direction our life goes in and maybe pay more attention to the right things and give them more weight.

aTimeLogger is an Android application to track the daily activities, and finally you can find out whether you have really spent that amount of time in sleep or not?


What does aTimeLogger do?

It simply offers a list of activities one might do in his day which upon clicking, starts counting the time for that activity. Say for example you want to sleep, you select the Sleep activity and it starts counting the time until you pause/stop the counter when you are awake. You can start and track only one activity or create as many activities as you want and track them simultaneously all at once, like when you are doing work outs and listening to music.

So that was about feeding data, now let’s see how aTimeLogger uses these data to display statistics. aTimeLogger can display statistics in the form of graphs, pie charts or simply a list. By default it displays these statistics for the current day but you can choose to extend the period to a week or month. You can also export your reports to CSV or HTML for using them on your computer for other purposes.

You are free to add new custom activities or edit the current ones as you like.


Design and Interface

aTimeLogger is designed perfectly. Using the swipe technique and tabbed navigation it is easy to switch to different parts of the application: viewing activities, logs, categories, and more settings.

It is really good to see you can choose your custom icon shape and color for activities.

In case you want to add your own custom log because you didn’t use aTimerLogger to track an activity, you still have the chance to do so using the big + icon at the top-right corner of the Activity and Logs screen.

I almost forgot to tell you about the resizable 4x3 homescreen widget. The widget lets you start/stop an activity right from the homescreen.


What I Really Liked about aTimeLogger,
is about its Creativity, Creativity and Creativity. It’s creative for the great idea of time tracking using our beloved smartphones. Creative for its magnificent user interface which is incredibly easy to use! And last but not the least creative for integrating with Tasker and Locale applications for a better experience of tracking time automatically.

What I Didn't Like:
1. It is usual to forget stopping the logs in time. Wish there was a feature to cover that, like some sort of notification or something like that. Now I am wondering how the app could possibly know when I tend to stop doing an activity? Maybe using the phone's sensors.
2. It apparently does not function on some devices, as it didn’t work on a Galaxy Tab and kept crashing as soon as starting an activity.


aTimeLogger General Features:

  • Best time tracking application for Android
  • Creative user interface
  • Integration with Tasker and Locale
  • 4x3 homescreen widget
  • Add custom activities – Edit current ones
  • Customize activities
  • View daily/weekly/monthly logs
  • Logs in Pie Charts and graphs
  • Reports in different formats (CSV and HTML)
  • Add Goals to reach

 aTimeLogger is one of those Android apps which the more you work with it and get familiar with its functionality and features, the more you like the app and the more you want to get your life organized and tracked.