Beats Music has been mostly known for their great music accessories, especially their headphones. And today the music company unveils its music streaming service, which is already available on Apple Store and Google Play, and will be available on January 24th on Windows Phone store as well.

Beats Music might be the leader in the music accessory industry with few competitors to beat, but in the online music stream service, they have to face with strong competitors including Apple and Google native streaming services, as well as Spotify, Rdio and many more.


So, what does Beats Music offer on Android devices?

Well, you have instant access to over 20 million songs with the option to choose the song itself, choose the category, genre, artist, album, and the most interesting part is that you can describe your current mood and the application does return you with the best songs and playlist. This unique feature is called “The Sentence”, and you get to choose where you are, what you feel like, who you are with, what type of music you’d like to listen to, and the application automatically starts playing the best songs for your current condition and mood. For instance, you can say: I’M on the streets, & FEEL LIKE punching walls WITH my roommate TO hair metal. We tried The Sentence feature a few times and it was absolutely brilliant.


About the other features and option, after signing up (or logging in), you are asked to choose your favorite music genres as well as the ones you hate, 3 artists you like, and the setup is complete. Now you are offered with the songs Just For You, or you can simply Find the the music, use The Sentence section or go to the Highlights to see what experts recommend.


The Beats Music app, lets you create playlist, follow your favorite artists, like or dislike songs, share them with friends, change the download and stream music quality, and even make your favorite songs available for offline use in the future.


Should we switch to Beats Music right away?

Well, it depends on many things, but since you’ll have a 7-day free trial to the service, it doesn’t hurt giving it a try, and if you liked it you can instantly get a subscription at $10 monthly (AT&T users can have the free trail for 90 days and the $14.99 AT&T family plan is available for them too).


As far as we tested and reviewed the application, the user interface is just amazing and we had fun navigating through different sections of the app, and if we want to mention just one reason why you should switch to Beats Music, without any doubt “The Sentence” feature will be the reason.  

About the drawbacks, we should say, it is not battery friendly at all(at least on a Nexus 4 running KitKat) and unlike Spotify, there are no web options or software for Mac or Windows, and you just have all your songs and playlists on your smart device.


For now, download Beats Music, enjoy the collection of 20 million songs with your 1week trail, and see if it can be your default Music Streaming app or not.

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