If we want to mention one of the most necessary application types for Android, we will definitely say it is web browsers. There have been quite so many applications developed in this field and Chrome from Google, is the most specific of them all. This browser which was not prepared for Android devices at first, came to compete all other popular Android browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Dolphin and other browsers with the announce of Ice Cream.

Introducing Chrome

Announcing in 2008, this browser could get the rank of 3 of the best web browsers in less than 4 years. At the end of year 2012, its market share increased from 17.24% to 18.04% (0.8 point increase). Android was not capable of coping this browser prior to Ice Cream. After the Ice cream release, it had enough specifications to handle Chrome and a new browser was just added to its list of browsers. Within its two basic principles: simplicity and speed. Chrome is here to claim the best browser ev er. You are free to open unlimited number of tabs (with respect to your hardware). To switch between these tabs, just swipe from edge to edge and see the magic. On the home page, three options are available to ease access: Bookmarks, most visited websites and other devices (i.e. to access Chrome bookmarks from your PC). The third option will enable you to sync with Chrome on your other devices which requires you to sign in into your Google account. With synchronization, you will get: Search previews, all visited websites, recently opened tabs and a few more.

Main Features

  • Easy synchronization with all of your devices
  • Simple and fast user interface
  • Amazing fast speed
  • Tablet optimization
  • Private browsing (Incognito mode)
  • Fast Find In Page
  • Pinch zoom

Download Google Chrome from Google Play