Many of us use the default Calendar app on our Android device and many others look for some better options. In this AW Center article, we review 5 best Android Calendar Apps with different features and options like: Home screen widgets, sync with Google calendar, extent of customization and personalization features, and more.

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Here are the best Android Calendar Apps:

1. Google Calendar

If you own a Nexus device, Google Calendar is installed by default on your phone/tablet. Like any Google product, you will have lots of features in a very simple user interface and you will see all the events in your accounts, if you have already synced your device with those accounts. Settings reminders, getting notifications, assigning different colors to events, and importing calendar data from other Android calendar apps, are the other features of Google Calendar.

Google Calendar is free to download and your device must be running Android 4.0.3 and up.


2. Jorte Calendar

If we call Google Calendar as the most popular Android calendar app on Google Play, we can say Jorte Calendar is the next on the list. What we really like about Jorte is that it feels like real calendar/organizer when working with it. Jorte is completely synced with Google Calendar and you can also benefit the Jorte Cloud for creating a backup of your events, and have them all on multi-devices. Jorte widgets are one of the best Android calendar widgets and you can purchase icons and backgrounds to make your organizer unique.

Jorte Calendar is free to download (in-app purchase is available for new customization options) and your device must be running Android 2.1 and up.


3. Business Calendar

This is our favorite Android calendar app and is a must have Android app for new users in business category. The very first thing you notice when working with Business Calendar is about the smooth navigation between different views and zoom ing in or using other gestures. If you are a business man with many agenda and tasks, you just need to add them to Business Calendar and let the app handle the rest.

Business Calendar is Free to download but you need to pay for the Ad-free version. Your devices must be running Android 2.0.1 and up.


4. Touch Calendar

If you like using different touch gestures, want to see the whole calendar at a glance, and don’t have too many events in a day then Touch Calendar is going to be your first and best choice. Like the other mentioned calendar, it is completely synced with Google Calendar and other Android calendar apps installed on your device, and plenty of options and features are available when zooming, scrolling or tapping. It also offers lock screen widgets (for Android 4.2 and up), as well as home screen widgets.

Touch Calendar is a paid application and your device must be running Android 2.3 and up.


5. Calendar Pad

Calendar Pad is a super light Android calendar app which lets you see your calendar events with text, which is kind of a unique feature among the reviewed calendar apps. Month, Week, Day and Agenda views are available on the application and you have plenty options to add on your Home Screen (Today, Month, Week, and Day widgets)

Calendar Pad is Free to download and the Pro version lets you get your calendar more customized and personalized, like color customization.


So, Which Android Calendar App to Use?

The answer to this question is completely depending on what you expect from a calendar and how busy your schedule is. For those with busy schedules we recommend Business Calendar, for those who want to have a unique organizer we recommend Jorte Calendar, for those who are looking for simplicity we recommend Google Pad or Google Calendar, and Touch Calendar is for those who want to get track of their tasks at a glance.