One of the most practical applications that smartphone users have always been looking for, is an application to record the phone calls. With the extensive usage of Android smartphones, the demand to download and install this kind of application increased. Hence, we are going to get familiar with “Call Recorder”, which as its name suggests is one of these applications.

The main feature of this application is to record the phone calls. This application lets the user to save the recorded call in many formats. In addition, the user can stops the recording of the phone call, in the middle of the call.  One of the exceptional features of this application is the ability to store outgoing calls on the cloud service “DropBox”. Thus, the output file can be backed up on the cloud and also does not occupy any space on the memory card. This application can save the file in different quality and formats. Moreover, it is very user friendly. You just need to enable the ON key, so the application automa tically will start the recording as soon as you start a call. This application comes in two version of Free and paid and is available in Google Play. The application will only work on Android 2.1 and higher.

Please note that, this application may not work on some phones. Therefore to make sure that it will work properly, it is better to try the free version before purchasing it.

To conclude, the features of the Call Recorder are,

  • Unlimited recording of all the phone calls, even group calls.
  • Selection of many different formats for the output file.
  • Option to select the quality of output file.
  • Stop the recording during the phone call
  • Backup the conversations on the Dropbox cloud.
  • Option to enable or disable application’s notification

Download Call Recorder Pro from Google Play