FM Radio was a popular feature on mobile phone in the past decade, but due to the internet influence on new mobile phones, Internet radio apps became more popular than the FM Radio with a hardware chipset. It is worth to mention that Samsung introduced its latest flagship (Galaxy S4) without FM Radio, and HTC new products come with a pre-installed Android internet radio app.

In this article we review one of the best Android internet radio apps which is getting more popular in both Android and Apple (iOS) platform.

TuneIn Radio makes it possible to have access to most of the available online radio stations all over the world. You can enjoy and listen to more than 70.000 radio stations and over 2.000.000 podcasts and music on your Android phone or tablet. As the name recalls, is the radio engine behind TuneIn application.

Let’s review different menus of the app. In the “Live” tab you can have access to the newest available podcasts and online music. You can also “Browse” be tween different stations, “Search” for your radio channels and mark them as your “Favorite” stations. There are also different categories which make finding a station in a specific category easier , and you get to have different choices for each category. News, Sport, Local stations, and live talk are the popular categories.

If we want to describe TuneIn Radio in one sentence, we should say: Find, Tap, Listen, and Enjoy your favorites


TuneIn Radio main Features:

  • Over 70.000 Radio Stations
  • over 2.000.000 podcasts and music
  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Different categories; News, Sport, Comedy…

Download the free version of TuneIn Radio from Google Play

Download the paid version of TuneIn Radio from Google Play