Among many features that Android has, the wide personalization features are the most charming ones. This personalization starts from the appearance and look of the Android, to the vibration type in ringing. Thus, in the perspective of personalization, we are going to introduce a great keyboard, which many of the Android users are using it. This keyboard is called “GO Keyboard” and developed and supported by the “GO” group.

This keyboard is known by the users as one the fastest and smartest ones in its category. It is made up of several layouts. In fact, these layouts each, will present the arrangement and access type of the characters. For example, one of these layouts is a triple character per layer, similar to what we see on the hard keyboard of the non-touch phones. This layer is good for typing in vertical mode and especially in small screens. Likewise, there are many other layouts and even one exclusively designed for tablets. The idea behind tablet keyboard was first introduced by Google in the Honey Comb.  This layout which arrange the keys in a vertical layer, left and right to the keyboard, will help the user to easily type when the tablet is on the hand. Moreover, the GO keyboard equipped with a visual feature to change the background of the keyboard and reduce from its uniformity. It is just needed to go to menu and mark the “Enable GO Keyboard” dialog, to make it work. Then, enter the keyboard setting section and in the Input Method section chose the “GO Keyboard”.

Let’s take a quick look at GO Keyboard main features:

  • This keyboard supports many of the live world languages
  • Different layouts and layers for easy operation, particularly for tablets.
  • The ability to install skins
  • Support the spell checker with an intelligent processing engine.
  • Guess the words with an intelligent processing engine.
  • Ability to add new words to the dictionary
  • Support Emoji

Download GO Keyboard from Google Play

So, what is your favorite keyboard app?