Dictionaries are one of the most practical tools for translation or finding synonyms and antonyms. Fortunately, by the development of the technology, nowadays we are observing the influx of the dictionaries to the digital devices. In the meantime, the Android devices, as one of the most used gadgets, are considered as an appropriate platform for the expansion of dictionaries. Thus, the users of these gadgets have access to dictionaries, thus can install and employ them in regard of learning new languages or translation. Therefore, it’s good to get familiar with one of the most powerful dictionaries on Android devices.

Merriam Webster is known as one of the best English to English dictionary which is both free and works offline. In addition to showing the words with the same meaning, it will display the synonym and antonym of all the words in the offline mode and without the need to internet connection. Besides those, it will show sample sentences containing the word too; this is done for the better comprehension. This dictionary has a powerful voice search which needs an active internet connection to work. Mor eover, it can pronounce the words.

There are five tabs in the main screen. The first one is the dictionary. The second one, Recent, shows the recent searched words. Next, Favorites, will be used to display words that you previously labeled them as your favorites. In the Daily tab, we are going to see daily suggested words. And finally, the last tab is used to configure the settings of the application. As stated earlier, this application doesn’t require an Internet connection unless you want to see the images, hear the words pronunciations and use voice commands.

To sum up, some of the features of this application are:

  • View the synonym and antonym of a word
  • Sample sentences containing that word
  • Voice Search (Online)
  • Pronounce the words and sentences
  • Add interesting words to the Favorite section
  • Optimized for Tablets


You can download and install the Merriam Webster dictionary from Google play for free with the size of 20mb.