GO SMS Pro is some how the Best Android SMS App and one of the most beloved Android applications. This application is mainly known for sending text or multimedia messages in a different layout and special features. Customization is what you see all around it. You can customize message ringtone, LED warning, vibration, customizing ringtone for each contact, its font and colour, background and all other stuff you might see on the interface. Facebook messenger and Go Chat free are other two features of it. The application can send scheduled messages. There is also a possibility to take backup from messages and store them on the application web server so that you will never lose any of your messages. Another great feature of the app is displaying a small window when receiving new messages and ability to read or write a new one, right from the small window without opening the main application no matter where you are or which application is open. The app can also detect and block ad messages or messages from unknown contacts. It is advised to disable Android's default ringtone and message notifications to avoid any interferences.

Application's main features

  •      � �  Vast customization options
  •         Ability to install themes
  •         Small window display on receiving new messages
  •         Ability to lock messages
  •         Sharing ability
  •         Go chat free plus Facebook messenger
  •         Ability to block messages
  •         Night mode
  •         Option to restrict monthly sent messages for saving
  •         Smiley support
  •         Customizable graphical interface
  •         Speech to text conversion (using add-on)
  •         Ability to install add-ons

GO SMS Pro can be downloaded from Google Play. (Download GO SMS PRO)

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