Android Timer Apps might seem too simple and basic to look for the best ones, but if you once use one of the best Android Timer Apps, then you'll never try any other other apps to function as a timer. In this AW Center article, we review 3 timer applications, and by timer, we don't just mean kitchen timers, but also a tool for tracking longer period of time, with so many options and customizations.

1. Talking Timer


Talking Timer uses an absolute genious idea. This application uses the default system TTS (Text-to-Speech function) to read out the last remaining 5 seconds and to alert that the time is up by saying: "Time is up". Setting the timer is as easy as dragging a slider or entring the numbers manually. The free version supports up to 4 hours of remainder, while the plus version can be set to 100 hours.

Talking Timer lets you set intervals for alerts within timer's time so that if you want to do something every 5 minutes in 2 hours, you will be notified to do so. There is a special alert for last minute which will tell you the remaining time every 15 seconds (like when NASA engineers say 30 seconds remaining to launch!).

Do not forget, Talking Timer requires a Text to Speech engine installed on your device. We recommend using Google’s TTS engine which talks more naturally.


2. Timely Alarm Clock


No doubt, Timely is the most graphical alarm appli cation on Android and it can be easily named the best Android Timer App. We are not much fan of its alarm section though, but we love its high quality stopwatch & timer section. You will surely find no app similar to this one. Timely uses an analogue clock for its timer and stopwatch. A very beautiful analogue clock with a digital timer inside it. The special effect used by timely is amazing. For the timer, take the indicator and rotate it as much as you want, each 360 degree represent an hour, so to set a 3:30 hour timer, you must rotate the indicator 3 and half times around the analogue clock and click the big play button to start it. Like its timer, Timely offers a professional stopwatch too. Using Timely’s stopwatch you can precisely measure a period of time in seconds & milliseconds.


3. Timer (By Opoloo)


While the idea of paying for a timing application sounds silly, Timer does more than just counting down hours and minutes. Like Timely, to set the timer, you just need to drag your finger around the circle or you can use the values at the top to set your desired time. You can save unlimited number of timers with their own labels and run them whenever you want. The app has several themes and has support for backing up timers on Google account. The app features an elegant and sharp-looking interface and most important, it’s so functional.


To conclude, we should say Timely is our first choice and a Android Timer Application, but the other mentioned apps are really worth trying.