Android is one the safest operating systems ever. It is programed to ask user's permissions for every action. Different parts of Android are designed to protect each other from any treats. Although Android’s security is best on its own, but that shouldn't ease your concerns. Treats are always there, not only for Android, but for any OS, and majority of these treats come from harmful applications. This treats my come from:

  • Applications requesting access to sensitive information such as credit card account.
  • Applications hiding destructive codes under legal security certificates.
  • Applications requesting permission for doing mysterious actions.
The infection damage gets especially bold when users try to access websites requesting users to install free apps on their device. Some users may get fooled by the title and accept the fair offer. Famous app stores have strict rules for filtering out and eliminating these kinds of applications from their database, so you are advised to install apps from known app stores only. One way to avoid such threats is to use security applications.
Lookout Security & Antivirus is the name of a high ranking application on Google Play, downloaded more than 30 million times. This application is able to protect your Android gadget (smartphone or tablet) from any Bad-wares, Ad-wares, Spy-wares, fishing apps and viruses. Some other features of this app are: Scanning your email attachments against destructive codes, securing your personal information, ability to lock the device remotely in the case of thievery, having special help guide to prevent any attacks on user’s privacy, etc. It is also able to remotely control and show your device’s current position on Google Map in the case it is lost or stolen. There are also some Pro features for this app that you may use them by paying a 3$ monthly fee.