It is Back to School time and there is no doubt that you prefer your smart device (Tablet or Phone) over some papers, recorders, and other stuff like these. In this AW Center article, we review best back to school Android apps in different categories like Note taking, Calculator, Cloud storage, Timetable, and Dictionary to get the most of your device and have a productive and organized school life.

1. It's Time to Save Your Schedule
The first thing you need, is an application to organize and manage your timetable, homework and exams. Timetable, My Class Schedule: Timetable, and School Helper are 3 best apps to organize your schedule. Some features provided by these apps are: Adding your timetable, homework and exams times, be notified about upcoming exams or unfinished homework, set priority for homework, adding marks (in School Helper). These applications are really useful to track your tasks with a glance at the app's main menu.

2. It's Time to Take Some Notes and Highlight PDF files
Well, unlike a decade age, using some papers and pens is strange these days, and thanks to many Android apps for taking notes, you have no worries and you can easily take your notes with your smart device. Evernote is our first choice as your primary application for taking notes, because other than taking notes, it can be synced through all your devices, can take audio notes, and snap shots, and most of all by installing Sketch you can add handwriting feature to Evernote and annotate PDF files. If you are looking for some alternatives, we recommend Google Keep which is completely synced with your Gmail account and for annotating PDF files, Foxit Mobile PDF is recommended too. If you own a Galaxy Note device, then your first and last choice for taking notes should be S Note since it provid es so many useful features.

3. It's Time to Do Some Math
Android Calculator apps are really handy and useful and you are able to draw graphs, solve equations, use many functions and even write (draw) the formula and let the application convert your drawing to some digital texts and get back to you with the result. If you would like to solve mathematical equations, by just drawing the equation, try MyScript Calculator. Otherwise, Calculator ++ is strongly recommended because of its great features like: supporting different functions, plots the graph of a functions, variables and constants support and many more.

4. It's Time to Store Documents on Some Cloud Storage
One of the many benefits of cloud storage services for students is that, you always know you have all your documents, notes, and homework with your self at any time and any place. (Remember the famous senescence? I forgot to bring my homework! I forgot to bring my documents). It also lets the teacher share useful sources with students by providing them a link to one of these cloud services. Google Drive is our first choice as a cloud storage service and Dropbox could be an alternative.

5. It's Time to Look Up some Words

The complete database of (Both Dictionary & Thesaurus) are accessible even from your home screen. When you are writing an article with some new words, your mother language is not English, you face some strange expressions, then you just need to open and look the word up. If you are looking for a free Android dictionary with the possibility to download its database to work offline, then we recommend Dictionary - Merriam-Webster.

So, what do you think about these apps? and what would you like to add to the list?