Bills Reminder is a very user friendly bill organizer application on Android which can be named as the best way to manage your bills on Android devices. This is a must have application for everyone who is dealing with bills and want to save money, especially for those having a lot of overdue. Use this application and acquire daily reminders for your bills. Now on you don’t need to overlook and worry for your payments while dealing with your busy routine as Bills Reminder notifies you ahead of time.

This application has a creative and simple UI. Generally there are three sections that you will be dealing with a lot: Upcoming Bills, Paid Bills, and Overdue Bills. Each of these items having a small icon with a digit indicating how many items they contain (how many items need your attention).


Let’s take a quick look at how to use Bill Reminder:

You start by Upcoming Bills. Clicking the + button leads you to Add/Edit Bill Reminder page. In this window, you can give your bill a name, a type, a Category, Due date and of course the Amount in USD (Currency can be changed from the settings). The type defines whether this is a Receivable or Payable bill. The category drop down specifies the category this bill belongs to whether it is Tax, Investment, Insurance, Income or any of the remaining items from the default list of categories coming with the application. You can add/edit any items via the Manage Category section. At the very end of Add/Edit Bill Reminder page, you define whether you need a daily notification for this bill and when this notification reminder shall start. If this is a recursive bill then activate the Repeats radio button and set the repetition cycle .


To modify/delete the item or to mark it as paid, tap once on the desired item. That will make up a float dialog appear.

As soon as you mark an item as paid, it will be transferred to list of Paid Bills.

If you forget to pay a bill in the specified time, that bill will be transferred to Overdue Bills.

If you don’t like the default values or you use a currency other than USD, the Settings section let you modify them as you like.



The great user friendly UI is really lovely. It is easy to use and has removed the complexity that other apps have. We really loved the option to define a color per category.

I am sure you will love to work with this one. Install, try and buy whenever you are sure this application is for you.

Bill Reminders Main Features:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Reminder works even if the application is not running
  • The feature to add Recurring Bills
  • Ability to attach a photo of the real bills, invoices, receipts


Download Bills Reminder from Google Play