Bitcoin is the current hype of the Internet. It's not a geek-hobo thing anymore and nowadays it can be seen in every mainstream media. If you have (or are going to have) anything to do with Bitcon, Dogecoin, Lightcoin (or BTC, Doge, LTC as they are called in crypto-currency jargon), it is crucial to be kept updated about the exchange rates. Bitcoin prices are changing every single minute, and I'm speaking about droppings in the scale of 200 USD per BTC in less than 8 hours!

Good news? With Bitcoin Checker you can keep track of this new currencies price as you wish. It is possible to add difference crypto-currencies (Bitcoins and other family members) and their exchange rates with normal money (USD, CAD, ..) based on various exchange sites.

You can also set alarms and get notifications in the form of Sound and Vibration on your Android phone when the price passes some threshold or even increases more than defined percentage.

Winning point when comparing this app with others is its widget. After configuring your watch list and sources a widget can be added to your Androids screen showing the latest price updates; this way you'll never loose track of your beloved currencies.

I believe this is a MUST HAVE android app and widget for anyone who uses an Android phone, or is interested in Bitcoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, ...

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  • Supporting not only Bitcon but all other major crypto-currencies (Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc...)
  • Being able to check all needed exchange rates in one place
  • Clean easy interface
  • Useful notification system which lets you define multiple whistle blowers on each exchange rate
  • A neat widget which lets you keep yourself updated about the exchange rate without opening the app



  • If you want to add exchange rate of an specific currency, you have to try different exchange center and find out by yourself which one provides which currency. This can be annoying if you are looking for less common coins (say catcoin)
  • Being able to show some history or charts will move this app one step forward. Developer mentions that this is a not a charting application but I still see this as drawback