The default camera app which is installed on Android devices provides a variety of settings for taking a photo. These options typically include brightness, contrast, Burst Mode, picture quality and others. However, there are many other 3rd party apps for photography on Android. These applications in addition to the normal settings, have many other features and functions for photography. Camera 360 Ultimate is one of these applications, which in addition to general settings for photography, has many other interesting features such as special effects and scenes. Today, we are going to get more familiar with this application.

Camera 360 Ultimate is an application for photography. To take a picture you just need to get into the app and press the shutter button. But, it is better to make the necessary adjustments before shooting. Some of these adjustments are: Flash LED, focus type, timer, brightness, image stabilization, digital zoom, ambient lighting and more. These settings are general for photography and can be found on most of other camera application on Android. On the other hand, there are other unique features in this application and one of them is to apply effects on the pictures. Another different feature of this app is to create funny photos. The app applies special incision and reflection to photos to make funny pictures. This mode is more efficient on portrait photography. To create these effects, the Camera 360 Ultimate uses the 3rd generation image processing engine which resulted in delivering high quality, crystal clear and awesome color photos. Available Scenes are another great feature of Camera 360, which merges a default scene with your photo to create a perfect photo; suppose yourself on the billboard of the main square of the city (You may need to download each scene separately).

You can also use the Cloud feature to save all your photos in the cloud and share them with friends on social networks.
What we like in the latest update of the app is the "Audio Camera" feature which is doing exactly as "Sound Shot" does in Galaxy S4. So if you don't have a GS4 and want to bring some emotion and life to the picture via your adding your sound to it, you may need to use Audio camera very often.



Application Features
  • Six modes for shooting
  • use of third generation image processing engine to create special effects
  • Elementary and professional settings for photography
  • Ability to save pictures on the cloud
  • Easy sharing of photos on social networks


User Experience

First you need to download and install Camera 360 Ultimate from Google Play. The interface of the application has been designed subtly. All the setting elements are arranged in left and right of the screen. On the left camera settings such as setting the flash, focus and timer settings lie. If you enter more settings and select the gear icon, you will enter general settings. In this Section you can have access to options such as: Smart Use to make the application smart for some functions of the program. Photo Settings for general save settings such as image size, image quality. Camera Settings for camera settings such as image stabilization and Cloud Service. In the right part there are virtual shutter button, zoom bar, and a triangular button. This triangular button is actually to set the shooting mode. As stated, this app could take photos in 6 different modes. These modes include, Self-Shot for taking a picture from yourself by the front camera, Tilt-Shift for blurry photography oriented horizontally or vertically, Color-Shift to take a particular color and change the others into the black and white, Funny to make Funny pictures from the people, Fast-Shot for fast photography and Effect to create interesting effects on the photo. You can also add various effects to the application such as: 1839 to take photo as if you are using the first camera in 1839, and Sketch as if you are sketching.


As a conclusion we should say, during the process of using application no problems or crash was seen and we really loved the available scenes and effects. At the end let's congratulate the Camera 360 team for being ranked #2 by the Fortune Global Forum in the Best Startups category.