Smartphones are improving at a very high pace in different aspects, and one important aspect which has been very competitive among manufacturers is the camera quality. In this article, we are not going to argue about the mega pixels war or if they are powerful enough to compete with a compact digital camera. We believe the camera quality hits some major improvements over the years, and to make the most out of this technology, it really deserves some professional camera.

 We have already reviewed Camera 360 Ultimate as one of the best free camera android apps, and this AW Center article is about reviewing Camera FV-5  as one of the best paid Android apps for taking professional pictures with applying effects on the go or saving RAW picture for after effects.

Camera FV-5 brings a “DSLR feels like” when taking pictures with and you have plenty of tools and functionalities at your service. If you are a professional user, then you are feeling home when working with this well designed application.

Camera FV-5 Main Features:

  • Adjust following parameters on the go: White balance, focus mode, metering mode, ISO, and exposure compensation, BRK (Exposure bracketing), Intervalometer (time-lapse shooter)
  • Saving images as PNG or JPG formats
  • Selecting the Shutter speed is fractions of seconds
  • Full manual exposure mode & Aperture priority
  • 6 different Flash modes, including red eye
  • 6 different Focus modes: Auto Focus, Macro Focus, Face Focus, Touch to Focus, Infinity Foucs and Focus Lock
  • Advanced view finder settings
  • Taking photo by tapping the shutter button, tapping the screen, or pressing  the volum e button
  • Assign different tasks to volume buttons (We really find it very useful)
  • Saving embed metadata as EXIF or XMP sidecar
  • Custom photo prefix, photo name with pattern, photo numbering pattern, and storage folder


We had some photographers (from Amateurs to professionals) to try Camera FV-5 as the default camera application on their Android devices, and the result was just unbelievable. They were all surprised with available features and details to control and one of them told us: “With a fair expectation, taking photos with FV-5 and working with it, feels like changing the settings on my DSLR”. And the other one said: “From now on, I can think of my phone’s camera as a reliable alternative, when I am not having my camera around”.

Camera FV-5 is the right choice for those who care to take some quality pictures with their camera and be able to manually change from the very first things to some professional changes. We didn’t find any lags or malfunctions when working with the app and the only drawback we can mention, other than the lack of HDR shooting, is about the lack of help for those who are not very familiar with some expressions and icons, because there is no title for the functionality of them and you need to understand what each button does by looking it its icon.

Download Camera FV-5 from Google Play