Are you one of those who their main reason, for not to leave iOS and migrate to Android (or Windows Phone), is that Clash of Clans is only available for iPhone and iPad users? Well, now you have no excuse not to migrate to Android, since CoC is now available to download from Google Play. Clash of Clans Android Game bring all the fun and challenge to your device, with all the features available on the iOS version. If you are a fan of this type of strategic games (it reminds me of Cesar on PC), then Clash of Clans will be your first and last priority when working with your smart device.

The main objective of CoC is creating a powerful clan in order to beat all the other troops, by making army and defense base, training the army and providing them with shields, cannon, wall, bomb, mortar, air bomb and more.

It is also possible to battle with players all around the world, or create an ultimate clan by joining together with other players.


Although Clash of Clans is the best Strategic Game we've ever seen on iOS and Android, but it could be too addictive that you forget the time...

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