We have lots of applications on our Android’s gadgets, which their number may increase day by day. Android apps during the installation ask the user's permissions for proper operations. The notable thing is that the app won’t be a security problem at first glance, but it can steal lots of user’s information without him noticing. There are many things which the spy app can do, for example, send an unwanted text messages, tracking user location, send spams, steal passwords and etc. However, it is easy to prevent or stop such thefts by the security applications. In today’s post we are going to get familiar with one of them: Clueful Privacy Advisor.


Clueful Privacy Advisor Features

The Clueful Privacy Advisor is among security apps. This app by observing and analyzing all the applications installed in the gadget and using the Bitdefender data center in a cloud, checks the states of all the apps. After checking all the apps, the Cluefull will list apps in three categories, High risk apps, which as the names suggests are all apps with low security mechanism, Moderate risk apps, which are the apps with moderate security concerns and finally, Low risk apps, which are the apps with high security issues and concerns. This app not only can show the permissions of installed apps but also to show the user what they are doing in the background. Another interesting feature of the app is the option to share your list with your friends, so that other users can know which apps have hi gh risks.


How to Use

After entering the app, you can see a big circle which indicates the overall security of all installed apps. At the bottom the three categorize are shown which by entering each section and selecting an application, you can see the apps permission to use which parts of the OS in a detail. Do not forget that to Clueful needs an internet connection to analyze the apps securities and risks.

Personal Experience

Working with the application is very simple and clear. Upon entering the program, all installed applications are automatically checked with the Bitdefender data center and the result will be shown under the Privacy Score field. It should mention that Cleuful doesn’t provide many of its features such as online antivirus, online checking of websites and SMS control in the free version.


Download Clueful Privacy Advisor from Google Play